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S.G Tasz was born in Minneapolis, MN. While some would say she lived there her whole life, she would say she simply waited in stasis between trips to her spiritual home of Las Vegas (yes, even when she was a kid). She attended Lawrence University near Green Bay, Wisconsin where she graduated with honors for her dystopic fantasy Disparnasia: Short Stories from a Dismal Future, then spent several years in the tech industry breaking software and drafting user manuals by day while writing web videos by night, including the limited series The Bod Squad (2011) and Chic (2013).

In 2019, she finally realized her dream of moving to Las Vegas where she now writes the ongoing comedy-horror novella series Dead Mawl (books 1-3 now available on Amazon and the extended omnibus edition coming in October). She is also working on a paranormal comedy novel set in Las Vegas about a Men in Black-type organization for ghosts. She is a proud member of the Loft Literary Center (Minneapolis) and the Henderson and Sin City Writers Groups (Las Vegas).


Welcome to Halycon

The service industry can be a nightmare. But at Edensgate Shopping Center, the customers aren't the only monsters to worry about.

Sixteen-year-old Cari Hembert expects an uneventful last day behind the register. The Suttermill Department Store has been dying a slow death for months--not surprising since the shopping center surrounding it is practically abandoned already. The only real challenge is keeping herself distracted from what she will do tomorrow when she is stuck in a dried-up mining town with no prospects and a mother who spends so much time at the bottom of a bottle Cari has considered forwarding her mail. Luckily, she has her best friend, movie theater employee and wannabe-anarchist Drexel "Rex" Ranganathan, to keep her spirits up with nachos and video games. 

But when she and Rex find themselves accidentally locked in overnight, they discover a force invading this “dead mall” that is far more horrifying than the decline of brick-and mortar-retail. They’ve survived bad bosses and minimum wage. But will they survive the night shift?

Welcome to Halcyon is the first book in the Dead Mawl novella series, where fighting evil is just part of the job. For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Cover art by Joseph Reedy.

Her Writing Process

Over the years I’ve heard people emphasize over and over how important it is to “just get it down on paper,” or that a story in your head doesn’t count. And while getting words on the page is a critical part of finishing a project, my process has always included a long in-brain incubation period. When I’ve got a story I’m “writing,” the development process is always going on in the background no matter what I’m doing until eventually I just can’t wait one more minute to start writing. At that point I bust out a lot of messy dialog, pepper in some critical narrative and inner thought, and I’ve got the first draft of a scene. I repeat that process as many times as I need to until I’ve got a story, though the later scenes usually need a lot less time to percolate since I usually figure out where the story is going to end somewhere around the midway point. 

The longer the project, the longer the incubation time. I’ve got novel-length projects that have stewed for years, and they are generally coupled with pages of notes and sketches and in-character stream-of-consciousness that might pass for an outline if you know how to read it, which you probably don’t (I can’t even make sense of it half the time). The risk with this method is that there are not only projects I never finish, but ones that I never truly start. The truth is there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fully develop every single idea, and I’ve finished what I consider enough work using this process, so I’m not in a hurry to change it any time soon.

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