Alicea in Wonder

Alright! Welcome to my first Inktober post! If you didn’t see my last post about Prepping for Nanowrimo, I mentioned I was going to share with you all my short scenes I have written with the Inktober prompts, 7 days at a time. I am really excited for this year’s National Novel Writing Month and my project. If you haven’t heard about this year’s project, here’s some information about it:

Nanowrimo Synopsis:

Alicea in Wonder Cover.jpg

All Alicea wants is a normal life, a normal aunt, a normal experience in public. Instead, loves her insane aunt who always spews nonsense and her days are spent making sure her aunt doesn’t get herself thrown in the loony bin. When her worst nightmare comes to light, Alicea is left scrambling after a white rabbit, leading her to her destiny. It’s time to reclaim the land of Wonder. It’s time to save her throne.


My concept for this story started in my mind in January (2019). All I thought was “Would’t it be fun to write a modernized version of Alice in Wonderland?” But I didn’t want to use the name Alice, so on went my mind as it spun to come up with ideas. now I have finally come up with the concept and so many amazing ideas for the story. I am excited to share this all with you.

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Inktober Prompts

I know, I know. I promised I would share 7 days with you in this blog post. But honestly, would you want to read all 7 days here, where I’ve talked about other random nonsense? So I’m including one day here so you can see the style I write it in. And, lucky for you, this first one basically fits into the story! So I have a few opening paragraphs available on Wattpad to read (“Got Me Feelin’ Like the Elephant”) and then you can start right in to Day 1 and it’ll basically make sense! Then tomorrow I’ll share a post with days 2-7. (Hopefully they won’t look like a novel, I know blog posts are meant to be short!) But until then, here’s day one:

Day 1 Ring


 My ears began to RING as I watched the scene in front of me. I was so embarrassed. I could feel all of the heat rushing to my face as I started to force my way through the crowds. I needed to get to Ellen. She needed my help. Why wouldn't people move? Can't they see there's an emergency?

   I wasn't so much afraid of Ellen hurting anybody, that had not happened yet. But I was afraid of them thinking she might. I was afraid of them hurting her. They way she screeched and lurched, any movement could be seen as offensive. I had to get to her. I had to explain.   I was just reaching the base of the stadium stairs when I felt a hand touch my arm. Not restraining, but supportive. I glanced over my shoulder as I ran, clutching my graduation cap to my head. It was Reginald, my best friend. My only other confidant in this world. He was gripping his own cap in his hand and had a grim expression as he ran behind me. He understood. And he wouldn't leave us to ourselves in this time.

   We ran the stairs in record time. I gripped my ribs where there was a stitch as I gasped. "Wait!" I shouted as one of the security guards tried to grab at my aunt. "Wait, let me!" He jumped away as if he'd been stunned and I pushed past him, ignoring the murmured disapproval from around me. I knelt down in front of my aunt Ellen and gripped her wrists, attempting to stop her from beating her head any more.   I heard the clock chime it's final note and knew she'd return to normal soon. I gripped her wrists and pulled them down forcefully. She looked up at me after a moment, tears in her eyes. "Can we go home?" she always asked, her voice as small as a child who's been chastised.

   "Yes," I panted, my breath not quite returned yet. "Come on, Ellen, stand up."   I helped her to her feet with Reggie thanked the security team and explained all would be well now. In that moment, and so many like it, I wondered how I'd survive without him in my life.

Again, I am so excited for NaNoWriMo 2019 and I hope you’ll either join me in writing (add me! Mandy_Rose) or join me in reading my adventure.