Camp Nanowrimo Tips

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.
— Carol Burnett

Camp Nanowrimo starts Monday! Have you signed up yet? If you have, add me! My username is Mandy_Rose. If you haven’t, click here, right now, and go sign up. I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

I decided to let you know some of my tips for prepping. If you haven’t started getting ready yet, there’s still time! Especially if this is your first month.

Tip Number One

Do you have Pinterest? (I know, so 2012, bear with me) I have found SO MANY great articles and resources for writers on there. Most of all, though, Pinterest is fantastic for character creation. You can find headshots for what your characters look like (hello, specific haircut styles) and clothing styles really easily. If you’re a fantasy writer, look up cosplay things! It’s so great. You can also find a lot of photography for scenery and if you’re stuck, Pinterest has SO MANY prompts and things for you to look up!

Tip Number Two

Know. Your. Writing. Style. Are you a planner, where everything has to be figured out to the smallest details, or are you a pantser, where the words come without a plan? Here is a quick quiz to find out. Once you get that answer (I’m a “Organized Pre-Planner”. It was not wrong.) Another great quiz is this one to figure out when is best for your schedule to plan your writing time.

Tip Number Three

Don’t freak out! This month is absolutely for you, completely and absolutely for you, to explore your writing desires and goals. Don’t stress over it! If you need encouragement, email me! If you need tips, email me! Message me on Twitter (or even better, send me mail in the campnanowrimo mail system!) or Facebook. I would LOVE to talk camp with you! Don’t do camp alone, it’s unsafe to travel those mountains alone. insert wink wink but with one eye here!

Here’s a biased article straight from Nanowrimo on their blog:

6 reasons why you should participate in Camp Nanowrimo (even if you aren’t a writer)

And, once you set up your account, read this post from a fellow Camp Writer!

What’s your poison ivy? Past Camp mistakes to avoid. (This seriously has a LOT of good advice from lots of writers!)

See you at Camp!

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