Celeste Campbell

Happy Spotlight Sunday!

This author is near and dear to my heart. I met her while I was in college and she helped me build my photography portfolio, and on top of all that, she’s an AMAZING author and artist! Check her out!

About Celeste

Celeste Campbell has always dreamed of being a hero. Reading adventure novels or watching superhero movies makes her so excited and want to do whatever it takes to save the world. Celeste is an artist as well as an author. She loves using her bright and colorful imagination to inspire hope into other people. Celeste lives in Saint George, Utah with her husband Chase. She also enjoys dancing and doing improv comedy games.

Heart of a Knight

Celeste's first children's book is called "The Heart of a Knight," about a lady knight names Loreyapi (Lore - EYE - uh - pee : like Penelope). In the story, Loreyapi wields a magic sword that can break through anything. Loreyapi has to learn that her value comes from her heart instead of from her sword. Celeste hand-watercolored each full-spread illustration.

Her Writing Process

The writing process is a little different for Celeste. Writing the story is actually the last thing to get done. Celeste and her husband love to make up stories together on long drives, hikes, or walks. She takes the stories they make up, simplifies them, and converts them into stories. Since she already knows what happens in the story, Celeste makes a list of all the illustrations she will need and paints them. Next, she lays out all the pages in Adobe InDesign. Last, she writes the text needed to complete each picture.

How to Contact Her

Follow Celeste on Instagram @celestialcreativity

If you're local to Southern Utah, Celeste is having her launch party for her book this Friday evening. Check it out here.