Francesca Riley

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About Francesca Riley

I am a New Zealander, living and working in Auckland. The stunning beaches of this beautiful country have found their way into Bannimor. Immersed is my first YA series. I received an NZSA Mentorship for an early manuscript of Find Me, book one in the series in 2014. Also published is Find Me Begins, a short prequel. When I’m not at the day job or writing, I’m often watching light-hearted murder mysteries. My favourite books to read are old-fashioned murder mysteries, or YA magical realism novels where magic, bravery and passion exist in the world we think we know.

Follow Me

Follow Me is the second in Immersed, a paranormal romantic suspense series. It is aimed at young adults, but I hope it will find a wide readership, I’m not a young adult and I love hanging out in this world as I write it. Here’s the description:

If getting what you want could kill you, do you let it go? Or risk everything to keep it? He saved her from drowning. She saved him back. But neither of them knew that their love would be deadly. Skye Sebastian is human and doesn’t believe in happy ever after. But the cursed, beautiful boy she loves has walked out of is ocean prison to share her world with her, and Skye has never been happier.

Hunter didn’t mean to pass part of himself on to Skye, but when haunting apparitions start leaving her body and rumours of his Forgotten clan begin to circulate, Hunter realizes he could lose everything. Lives are being lost and his half-brother Jarrod will stop at nothing to protect their clan: Jarrod wants Skye dead...or to be his. He’ll do whatever it takes, making Hunter and Skye choose between heartbreak and horror. Or will they suffer both?  Because once you're in too deep, there’s no going back.

Her Writing Process

My starting point was The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson, brooding over it, wondering what a happy ending for it would look like. I was just a couple years into financially devastating circumstances, supporting someone more damaged than me, and managing huge debts. Happy endings to sad stories had a concrete, but also wistful appeal.

At that time someone leant me the Twilight series. I didn’t feel I could return it without at least attempting it, although I didn’t read YA or vampire-themed literature. Eventually I got pulled into the love story, and also became aware of its success for Stephenie Meyer. As an aspiring writer with a tiny bit of publishing success I thought “I could do this!”

As it turns out, not so much… It took six years to improve my skills and figure out my story well enough to feel it was ready to self-publish. Needless to say, Stephenie Meyer’s success has not come knocking at my door. But writing this story was escape, hope, stimulation, aspiration and pure entertainment, so I’ve been well-repaid.

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