J. Webb Garrett

As we explore our Spotlight Sundays, here is J. Webb Garrett with an Urban Fantasy novel for us.

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J. Webb Garrett is an urban fantasy and cyberpunk author who enjoys dipping their toes into whatever genre of work strikes their fancy. A longtime lover of all things mystical and mythological, it was only natural for them to seek to inject some magic into the mundane of everyday life.

Living in the same Central Illinois town in which The Morríghan's Song takes place, J. Webb Garrett is a Masters graduate of Eastern Illinois University. After graduation, they published their first full-length novel, NEON Calico, and has continued to tell stories of fantastic adventures ever since.

Curse of the Black Dog

Curse of the Black Dog is the second in a series of new adult urban fantasy novels collectively titled The Morríghan's Song, based heavily on elements of Celtic mythology. The titular heroine of these stories being Morgan, a part human/part fae incarnation of the goddess of death, fate, and war of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the old Irish gods.

Having recovered from her encounter with Balor, the not-so-dead Fomóraiġ king, she finds herself trying to uncover the reason behind the appearance of a mythical black dog, a barghest, in the rural American town she lives in. Cursed by the beast, she must seek out new allies in order to break the spell placed upon her before it's too late. Her inquiries bring her into contact with a shape-shifting puca, an inexperienced coven of witches, a tome full of evil spells, and wickedly powerful strigoi, a vampire, from the old world.

Experience a modern take on Irish mythology like you've never read before. The Morríghan's Song: Curse of the Black Dog invites you to step into a world which may appear similar to our own on the surface, but peer too closely and discover an ancient world of magic and the supernatural waiting to be discovered in which gods and beings of magic and fairy tales walk among us without our ever knowing.

J. Webb Garrett’s Writing Process

I am a strong believer in the idea of “if you want to be a writer, then you have to write.” For me, writing is more than a simple hobby or a job. It is a central, crucial part of my life. I need to write. Even so, I have to set myself a goal every day: 2,000 words. If I can write 3,000 or even 5,000 or more in a day, great, but if not I at least aim for that 2,000. Doing so helps me keep myself going, even if I don't feel a certain project is moving in the way I want it.

As for plotting, characters, and various other elements of my writing, it varies from work to work. My stories are character driven, and as such, it is the characters who come first. This is why I don't refer to my works by title when I'm discussing them in person. To me, NEON Calico is “Cally,” and The Morríghan's Song is “Morgan.” To me, they're people. Fantastic people, sure, which is what makes me so interested in sharing their adventures. The stories emerge as I seek to put these characters through different situations to see how they deal with them. For NEON Calico, I carefully outlined the project before I began. With The Eye of Balor and Curse of the Black Dog, as well as The Mantle of Czernobog (coming soon) I am far less committed to an outline, allowing the work to fashion itself as the story unfolds. This method often needs more rewrites and revisions, sure, but I find the process of it very liberating as an author. It's fun, and when I'm having fun it doesn't feel like I'm working at all.

This, for me, is the beauty of storytelling.

I, for one, am super happy I get to read about all of these authors. They all have so much wisdom and I am so lucky to get to know them. If you’re interested in getting to know them as well, here’s J. Webb Garrett’s contact information!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jwebbgarrett/

Twitter: @J_WebbGarrett

Email: j.webbgarrett@gmail.com