Jonathan D. Clark

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About JD Clark

I live in Northern California with my wife and son. I write within a myriad of genres, but primarily what would be called philosophical fiction. When not writing, I’m busy studying in the field of medical billing/coding.


After a long decade of critical acclaim, author Tom Dolin has grown tired of living the life of the traveling writer. Upon wrapping up a book tour for his latest novel, A Lost Legacy, he hopes to finally have a chance to relax and enjoy some well-deserved time with his wife and children. 

It doesn't take long for Tom's world to be turned upside down when he begins to experience the same recurring dream—waking up in a cold, dark room, only the sound of people arguing in the distance surrounding him. When he wakes up, however, he finds himself wondering if he is still in a dream; no longer living in the year 2028 but, instead, either in the early 1950s—lost in a post WWII America; the morning of November 22, 1963—the day JFK was assassinated; or January 25, 1995—the darkest moment in human history: when the world faced nuclear annihilation.

JD Clark’s Daily Writing Process

During the week, I wake up early (before the rest of the household rises from their slumber), make myself a pot of coffee, and set out on the keyboard until I have to get ready for school. After homework and studying, as well as putting my son to bed, I set out again until I’ve reached my next plot milestone.

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Twitter: @jdclarknovelist