J.M. Ralley

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J M Ralley writes between working as a full time veterinary nurse. She never wanted to be an author and he only previous book she has written was for her English exam and was a children’s book. The book gained her top marks and a trip to the local nursery to read the story to the children.

When not working or writing, she enjoys, photography, walking, crafting and wildlife watching, or playing with her pets.

Falling for Katie

The second in the Romancing in Scotland, a stand-alone series, set in modern day Scotland.

Katie couldn’t be happier. She’s setting up a flower nursery and tearoom, has fantastic, supportive parents and great friends. Everything is falling together.

But things are about to change. After an accident she’s left with amnesia and at the hands of a man who holds her captive and informs her they are married. With no other memories to contradict him, she has no choice but to believe his lies. Snowed in and scared, she awaits her fate.

Finlay Gallach never wanted to return to Gretna. However, when Katie’s parents hire him and he opens their email, he is captivated by Katie’s photo. Unable to ignore the missing lass, he returns to the town he grew up in and the memories he wished to forget.

Will he find Katie before her captor has enough of her? If he does, will Katie be able to recover from her ordeal and learn to trust again? And will she ever regain her memory?

JM Ralley’s Writing Process

My writing is fitted in when I can due to working full-time. Early mornings and late evenings you can usually find me typing away. Weekends I try to catch up with editing and prepping for any new releases.

My inspiration can come from anywhere. Anything from watching television or reading, to spying a new premade book cover, and I have plenty of plots noted down. All I need is the time to write them.

Most of the scenes are played in my head to get them right, especially when I’m dropping off to sleep. That’s when I appear to sort out any problems the best. I just pray I can remember them in the morning. And if you see me staring into space, I’ve properly just come up with a new idea.

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