Lamar Neal

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Lamar Neal is a poet and author, whose work has been described as "imaginative, mysterious, emotional, and passionate." He has been artistic for as long as he can remember. Years before he ever picked up a pen and paper or laptop to write poetry or stories, he sat in his room recording "television series" with his toys. Inspired by the matters of the heart and soul, music, and the random encounters we experience in life, Lamar takes readers into the world he created. He hopes that his poetry and novels will inspire and bring joy to readers.

We All Need Therapy

We All Need Therapy is the story, in the form of poetry, about a young boy trying to navigate through life as he struggle with religion, toxic masculinity, family dynamics, mental health, racism and other often taboo subjects.

Lamar’s Writing Process

My writing process is simple: write and revise until the end. Very rarely do I outline. With my novels, I get to know my characters and their stories. With my poetry, I find a theme. At that point, once I am ready to go, it is off to the races.

Sometimes it feels like the characters or the story possesses me. When I am in writing mode, the world might as well not exist. I do not go anywhere, and if I do, my heart is racing because I am eager to go home and write some more. My life belongs to story until I am done.

I am scattered brained and all over the place, and so are my books during the writing process. I bounce back and forth between my laptop and phone, and typically, by the time I type “The End,” my book is a series of word documents that I have to copy and place into one document. Sometimes laptops cannot do a chapter justice. Sometimes I just need to pace across my “writing cave” as I loudly say each word I am writing.

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