Matt Cesca

Happy Spotlight Sunday!

Today’s spotlight is spotlighting an author I have admired and followed on Twitter for several weeks. I’m glad I get to introduce him to you!

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About Matt Cesca

  I was raised in the small town of New Milford, Connecticut.  The small Connecticut town in “The Stairs in the Woods” is not named, but my hometown clearly influenced the town that I created.  After going to college in central Pennsylvania and staying there for about 10 years, I moved across the country to Gilbert, Arizona.  I have a twelve year old son that I hope will someday enjoy my work when he’s old enough to read it (there may be some adult themes in there).

The Stairs in the Woods

The Stairs in the Woods is my first novel and it was released on August 13, 2018.  It's a portal fantasy about a woman in her mid-thirties who goes home to Connecticut to take care of her ailing father and gets sucked into a different world by walking through a painting that her father had been the guardian of.  On the other side, she discovers her true heritage as the Keeper of the Gate which separates Earth from the magical world of Somalie.  After getting trapped in Somalie, she goes on a journey that holds the fate of both of her worlds in the balance.

            It was important for me that if I was going to have a woman as my main character, that she have a hero’s journey, not a heroine’s journey where she needs to constantly be saved.  She’s strong and capable once she gets her footing, and is the true hero of the story though there is a cast of other characters that help her along the way.  Though all that being said, for those that like a little romance with their fantasy, it’s possible that there might be something in this book for you as well…

Current WIP and future writing:

My current work in progress is what I expect will be the first of a series of fantasy novels set in a different world that “The Stairs in the Woods.”  I’m about seventy percent of the way through my first draft and am hoping to have it completed and published by August.  I hope to keep putting out about a book a year whether it be part of that series, or a stand-alone work.  So keep an eye on mid-August as a fairly regular release date if all goes well.

            In addition to the book I’m currently working on, I have a handful of other projects that I’ve either started, or have at least jotted down some ideas on.  I don’t know if I will always write fantasy, as I’d like to branch out into some modern supernatural, as well as sci-fi (though it’s likely to be more sci-fantasy than overly filled with technispeak).

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