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About Nellie Neves

Found most evenings watching the sunset on her small ranch, Nellie is a self-proclaimed country girl. Weekends are spent whipping up culinary delights for her family and friends, but the late hours of the night, those belong to her stories. As depicted by her Lindy Johnson Series and other books, Nellie has a penchant for writing about strong female characters caught in the midst of adversity. That’s likely because she’s seen her share of adversity, such as being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis seven years ago, and Nellie wants to help other rise above their trials. Known for crazy twists and unexpected turns, she loves giving her readers plot lines they’d never expect.

Pre-Approved Identity Theft

Her newest book Pre-Approved Identity Theft is no exception to that rule. The story follows Harper Sutton moments after she escapes her own wedding, via the bathroom window. Making her escape cross country, Harper needs to hide but her options are limited. Unbeknownst to her, Indigo Maxwell is also in a tight spot. With a two week vacation in her future, but no time off, she’s getting desperate. Fate brings them together and Harper agrees to assume Indigo’s identity for two weeks, with help from hair dye and quite a bit of makeup, of course. But when Harper meets Declan Thorpe, a single dad from Indigo’s marketing firm, the stakes change. Will Harper be willing to give Indigo her life back when she returns? Anyone can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but what do you do when you don’t want to give them back? After all, is it really stealing if you have permission?

Nellie’s Writing Process

The idea for this book, as well as many others, started with a picture on Pinterest—A bride running and a shoe left behind, like Cinderella. It got Nellie thinking, what is she running from? What if the story we all know is wrong? What if Cinderella never wanted to go to the ball? Maybe she wasn’t running at the stroke of midnight, maybe she was escaping, and shunning the wealth and privilege she’d been offered to choose freedom instead. Most of Nellie’s books start with “what if”. What if a secret agent fell out of that air vent in front of her? (Nightwatch) What if this private investigator had multiple sclerosis? (Lindy Johnson Series) What If happily ever after isn’t exactly ever after? (Falcon). It’s there in the continual string of what if’s that she weaves her plots. Her genres range from mystery, to espionage, to contemporary romance. But no matter the book, you can expect a fast-paced, wild ride.

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