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Nicki Steinberger, Ph.D. eats, lives, and breathes everything “holistic health,” and loves coaching, speaking, and writing. She’s the author of Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes: 16 Holistic Practices to Prevent &; Reverse Diabetes &; Reclaim Joy, Vitality, &; Plenty, endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup. With a health psychology focus, Dr. Nicki helps women move into optimal health and prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes with her Holistic Practices Lifestyle (HPL). Dr. Nicki blogs here.

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“Contrary to what conventional medicine generally believes, type 2 diabetes is reversible… even preventable. All the secrets for how to do this are right here in this engaging book.” 
— Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes: 16 Holistic Practices to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes & Reclaim Joy, Vitality, & Plenty is a simple guide to transforming your health. While conventional treatments only target symptoms, Dr. Nicki’s methods bring clarity to the underlying causes of the disease. Through personal reflection and simple daily practices, you’ll learn how to break the cycle of insulin resistance—the underlying cause of diabetes—and sustain a healthy HbA1c. Whether you are pre- diabetic or a longtime sufferer, familiar with holistic living or have never walked into a health food store in your life, Dr. Nicki’s methods will help you claim the quality of life you never thought possible.

In Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes, you’ll discover:

  • 16 transformational daily wellness practices including “carbohydrate wrapping,” smart supplementation, and heart-healthy stress-reduction techniques

  • Real life examples of how Dr. Nicki manages diabetes with lifestyle practices while being perfectly imperfect

  • Clear, actionable steps to help you phase out your dependence on dangerous chemical drugs

  • How to swap out energy-zapping, self-sabotaging habits for healthy/integrative alternatives

  • Simple ways to prepare healthy, delicious snacks and meals, and much, much more!

If you’re ready to defy the odds of the mainstream medical model, explore simple holistic approaches to wellness, and receive ongoing support from an online community of like-minded people, then you’ll love Dr. Nicki’s transformational handbook for living disease-free.


My writing process is a mixed bag of intentional date-timed work and spontaneity. I’ve found that a daily writing practice worked best for digging in and completing my book, Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes. I needed the daily discipline to move the project forward in a significant way, and remove constant starts and stops that plagued me in the past.

When it comes to other creative writing such as emails to my community subscribers, social media posts, blog posts, and feedback to my health life coaching clients, spontaneity of the muse works best.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, as I feel my writing represents me. I do my best to surrender the pressure for perfection, and simply press GO when it’s good enough. While I thought my second book (on sugar addiction) would come sooner, it’s proven not to be so. Instead, I’ve been busy marketing my current book, creating my coaching program, Practice To Transform, and preparing to create an audiobook version of Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes, as well as a digital course.


Book: Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes: 16 Holistic Practices to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes &

Reclaim Joy, Vitality, & Plenty 

Free Checklist: 12 Simple Practices to Reverse High Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Facebook Group: Joy, Vitality, & Plenty: Holistic Transformation & Diabetes Prevention

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