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Scott Arbuckle was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1981. In elementary school, he wrote many stories and poems, and won a Young Authors award for a fantasy short story. Scott’s favorite subject was English, and he planned to become a writer. In high school and college, Scott studied Theatre Arts and Language Arts, and also developed an interest in fantasy and science-fiction role-playing games.

Scott now lives in central Kentucky with his wife, London, and two cats, Muffin and Ike. Together, he and London enjoy supporting zoos and aquariums while traveling around the United States.


When Orion Danes is abducted and cruelly experimented upon by the sinister alien race known as the Greys, he is given powerful but horrifying cybernetic augmentations that transform him into a killing machine. Now finding himself on the outermost fringe of the world of men, Orion is quickly losing himself--and finds a tether to his fading humanity through the companionship of a fellow victim of the Greys' vile experiments: an insightful psionic named Lyra Vaughn.

Through a web of shifting alliances, Orion and Lyra encounter others who, like them, have resolved to strike a blow against the Greys and restore peace to their lives. But when a life is so badly damaged, can it ever be truly repaired?

Scott’s debut novel, Scavenged, is a dystopian science-fiction adventure for adults and teens. Since its release on February 18th, 2019, official reviewers have called Scavenged “an impressive debut”, “top-notch science-fiction”, “cleverly balanced”, and “highly recommended”.

A note to parents: Scavenged is recommended for ages 13 and up. There is no swearing; a couple of mild phrases like ‘raise hell’. It contains some suggestive/flirtatious dialogue, but nothing explicit. The story is quite violent, including intense alien abduction scenes and gunfights where humans are killed; however, it’s not gory just for the sake of it.

The theme of damage and repair is central to the story of Scavenged: Orion, who lives by salvaging and repairing valuable items in the wastelands of Earth, must do the same by rebuilding his own life when it is shattered by hardship and loss. As his body and mind are altered, he clings to the last vestiges of what was human in him while fighting to embrace his newly inhuman strength.

Scott’s got some excellent advice for writing!

It's not hard at all to slip away from my life and into the universe I've created over the past few years. I daydream constantly, even while I should be paying attention to other things—like when someone’s speaking directly to me. I have a demanding job that won't let me write as often as I should, and it's tough to stick to a schedule—so one thing I've found that really helps is the combination of Dropbox and the Microsoft Word app on my phone! I use them in tandem to be able to write for ten minutes here and there, and I don't think Scavenged would have been written if I didn't attack it on my phone during lunch breaks and in the parking lot before work!

If you don't have time to write, though, and you find that it's been a while since you've gotten any words down, you've got to take it easy on yourself. The manuscript will still be there, and you're likely still being creative just by thinking about the story and plotting, maybe without even being aware of it!

So there's different schools of thought on this, but I tend to feel best about my writing when I'm in the zone. I don't want to force it and maybe get 500 words down, then scrap 90% of them the next day. If it's not coming together, there's always some research to be done—I write “hard" science-fiction, after all—or another writing-related task. I do move forward as a writer every day, even if words don't get down on the page. It's important to find joy in the journey, and remember that the process is just as important as the goal. Don't tell yourself that you'll finally be happy when the book is done…when you land an agent...when you sell to a publisher…when you see it in stores…when you get a six-figure advance. That's just moving the goalposts and delaying your joy! Savor the time that you can sit at the computer with a hot cup of coffee and let your thoughts flow. Savor each and every review that you get: someone who you've never met connected with your thoughts! Enjoy the act of writing, not the idea of being a writer. That's how I get in the mindset to do my best work.

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