My World of Glass


Mandy invites you to walk along with Dessa Lakewood and Demetri Kirk as they learn what it takes to be an adult in a corrupt world.

I’m an orphan dumped in the Work Force, meant for criminals and throw aways. I endured hell then was told my mistress thought it should have been my sister who was tortured.

I didn’t mean to kill her.

Now I’m on the run.


Dessa was an ordinary girl, until she wasn't. Within a few short moments she was an orphan, an only survivor in a family of four. The state took control of her life then and put her into the Workforce, a system for the criminally charged... and the lost. She is forced to work and live alongside convicted criminals and be put in the hands of many caretakers, though not all of them as caring as one might think. As any young woman would in such a situation, she gives up, and the rebound sends her on a journey she did not expect. This story of a girl finding herself is suspenseful and full of plot twists as her world of glass shatters around her.


Demetri has a life of secrets, but he didn’t mean for it to end up like this. As he watches his friends suffer in silence he realizes things aren’t all they’re supposed to be. As he uses everything he’s learned to try to keep them safe, he is forced to admit he doesn’t know what he’s doing. When he’s ready to give up hope, the mysterious Dessa Lakewood returns to Detroit and he finds reason to keep working for the Haven he’s created. He has to protect her.