Current projects

Let me tell you a secret. There’s this awesome website hidden in the internet, just for all us creative writing types. It’s called NaNoWriMo. This website is a meeting of the minds every November. You challenge yourself to write 50,000 words. I have participated every year since 2010! I have only succeeded 4 times (2011, 2012, 2014, and 2018) but I plan to keep trying every single year. I then spend the months of April and July (CAMP Nanowrimo), and the rest of the year, editing the previous year’s book. (Or trying to finish it more likely than not.)

My current project right now is my Nanowrimo 2018 project called Pulchra Arcanum. You can read more about it if you have a [free] Nanowrimo account and look up Mandy_Rose. That’s me!

I plan on going through another two rounds of edits before November 2019. Then in November 2019 I’ll be working on a new project tentatively named Alicea in Wonder. Stay tuned for more information!

Rose Winters

Rose Winters is an LDS teenage author, who had many false starts (lots of torn up stories that she will not speak of) before she found the genre that suited her best. She has written and completed many books since then and does not plan to stop. Besides her writing, she is very much in love with her music. Her favorite pastime (besides music and writing) would be photography.

Beyond the Unknown

Addison and her twin sister are nothing alike. They don't agree on anything, except one thing: Revealing the secrets of the moon. When the sisters and their friends refuse to obey the Enforcers, all of humanity is put into jeopardy as they try to strive on the moon. As they fight to undo what they've done, they learn the importance of bonds - and loyalty to those bonds - through this fight of survival.

This YA Dystopia has been compared to The Hunger Games. It was written with fictional characters, but it did quote many things said in the halls of the author’s middle school. It’s a wonderful feel-good book for young teenagers.

Revealing the Unknown

All the friends are back together in this story, just in time for another adventure. An interrupted wedding, an attempted assassination, and many new secrets threaten to overwhelm the young heroes. Will too many secrets push friendships apart? Is this the last story before a premature death? Will forgiveness or bitterness rule? Find out in book two of The Unknown series!

Continuing from where Beyond the Unknown left off, this book shows more of who the characters are and their courage.